Two days ago, we found out that Homer Simpson and the rest of Springfield will be featured in an episode ofFamily GuyAnd today, fans of Matt Groening’s animated comedies were given some big news: The Simpsons will host a different crossover installment, and it involves… FuturamaSimpsons executive producer Al Jean announced at the show’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday that the two shows will join forces for an episode that will be recorded next month. It is slated to air on Fox as either the season 25 finale in May 2014 or as the season 26 premiere in fall 2014.

Speaking with EW after the session, Jean revealed the reasoning behind the blending of these two worlds. “Futurama is such an easy fit,” he says. “It’s really funny, and their show lends itself to any variety of plot lines. By having them on, we have a little freedom… The biggest thrill for me is that we don’t have to adjust the animation style.”

The plot will revolve around bad boys Bender and Bart: “Bender has to come back from the future to kill Bart because there’s something that Bart does now that makes the future really, really, really bad,” Jean continues. “Tip of the hat to Harlan Ellison.” (Ellison, by the way, will lend his voice to a different episode this season.)

The crossover episode was penned by Simpsons co-executive producer J. Stewart Burns, who has also written for Futurama. He’s hardly the only one with both shows on his resume; Futurama executive producer David X. Cohen was a writer-producer on The Simpsons.

Comedy Central is currently airing the seventh and final season of Futurama. The series finale airs in September.

In other news from the Simpsons‘ Comic-Con panel, Zach Galifianakis will guest as a new friend of Lisa’s this season. “Lisa befriends this chubby little boy who wants to be a competitive eater,” Jean tells EW. “Suddenly Marge is worried that Lisa is trying to marry a boy that’s just like Homer, and then Homer is offended that Marge is worried about that.” Guillermo del Toro has directed the couch gag for this fall’s annual “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episode, which was screened for the room to much delight. The producers also revealed that they are working on a sequel to the season 23 episode “Holidays of Future Passed,” as well as a musical episode.

(via EW)

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