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Who owns this blog of awesomeness?

In early 2011, Christina was inspired to start a Simpsons blog of her own after she had made multiple submissions to her favourite Simpsons blog, SimpsonsImages. After submitting multiple submissions and waiting for approval on the posts, she decided to upload Simpsons posts to her own personal blog. After his dashboard was being flooded with Simpsons material, her friend Aaron encouraged her to start a Simpson blog of her own. On February 10, 2011 Christina created FuckYeahSpringfield. As the weeks went on, Aaron helped Christina manage and operate the blog. He helped create a lot of screencaps and gifs which have gained internet popularity. Remember the 500kb gif limit? And if you had too much red in your gif, it wouldn’t upload? Well all that frustration drove Aaron away from the page. In summary, Christina operates it all since 2013.  

Where are you from?

Christina is from Toronto, Canada.

What episode is _________ from?
The episode title and season are listed in tags beside the post.
Here’s a guide.

What is your favourite episode?
Too many to choose from. I like majority of the ones in seasons 3-6. 

What is your least favourite episode?

Not including any new episodes, I’d have to say The Frying Game.

What do you think of the new episodes/seasons?
Some are excellent and some are meh. I guess the best way to tell is If I make a post about it, that means it was good. 

Who are your favourite characters?

Ralph, Homer, Burns, Smithers, Agnes…

Who are your least favourite characters?
Disco Stu and Rex Banner.

Can you follow me back?
Sorry! This is a sub-blog and you can’t follow with one. 

“FYS is a sellout!”
Yes, we have special sponsored posts. Sponsors are amazing people who want to share their product or service in exchange of financial support to the blog. The money the blog raises goes toward contests and giveaways. Everybody wins!

Do you make your own posts?
FYS makes all of it’s own screencap and gif posts unless it is stated otherwise via reblog or sources. Gifs are a pain in the butt to make so please respect everyone who puts in their time to make these pretty things for your entertainment and source them. 

Why are you watermarking your posts? It’s not yours. 
To quote Marge, “Well, DUH!”. Yes, but when you put so much time and effort into creating all these posts and then some internet meanie decides to save it and upload it as their own post by sourcing themselves instead of easily reblogging it, it’s kind of really annoying. Take a look around tumblr. About 90% of the content watermarked is not owned by the blog. We just want some credit for our time and effort. If anything, I am promoting The Simpsons for free. It’s also nice seeing “FYS” all over Buzzfeed and Weheartit. Especially when David Silverman tweets it.

Can we use your gifs/screencaps?
That’s why I made the blog! Well that’s one reason and the other is to make people happy…because I’m the magical man from Happyland in a gumdrop house on Lollypop Lane! So feel free to use them in asks and those long text posts. Just don’t go sourcing them to yourself. That hurts my feelings and makes me want to flip over the desk. And don’t forget, lies make baby Jesus cry.

What does the FY stand for?
Originally, this blog started out as “FuckYeahSpringfield”, but I had a talk with Flanders and he said that I should remove those devil words. So now it’s just FYSpringfield or “FYS” for short. 

Where can I stream The Simpsons on the internet?
I have no idea
But you can buy the seasons on Amazon for a really great price. 

Do you work for Fox/The Simpsons?
No, but that’s my dream. I’d love to bring danishes to Matt Groening and the gang. 

What is FYSNNY?
FYS (FYSpringfield) + FYNNY (FYNewNewYork) = FYSNNY!
It’s a universe where both of my Simpsons and Futurama blogs are collaborated. You can find these universes on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. They have the latest news, funny videos, random posts, special giveaways, and more! 

What are some other Simpsons blogs?

Favourite Simpsons reference websites: