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FYS Survey Results and Winners

As you may know, we held a little survey last week to gain some feedback on FYSpringfield.

Here’s some of the highlights from the survey results:

  1. How long have you been following FYSPRINGFIELD?
    More than a year (40%)
  2. How many new posts would you like to see a day?
    5 (29%)
  3. Rank The Simpsons seasons in which you want to see more of.
    Season 6-10, 1-5, 11-15, 16-20, 21 to current
  4. Have you ever entered any of the giveaways?
    No (47%)
  5. What prizes would you like to see in upcoming giveaways?
    T-Shirts (75%), Action Figures (54%), DVDs (46%)
  6. What do you think of the sponsored ads featured on FYSPRINGFIELD? 
    It doesn’t bother me. (52%)
  7. What are your likes about FYSPRINGFIELD?
    Tags, organization, classic episodes, gifs, post quality, I’m “an awesome person” (d’aww you guys)
  8. What are your dislikes about FYSPRINGFIELD? 
    Nothing, Post season 12 episodes, repeat posts of the same episodes, Family Guy.
  9. How can we improve FYSPRINGFIELD?
    More episodes from Season 1 - 12 (47%)

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. I went through them all and will try to incorporate all of your wonderful suggestions into the future of FYSpringfield.


And here’s the random draw winners:

  1. operation-henry
  2. thisbush
  3. fighteous
  4. urinebabies
  5. rhythmichead

Send me a message with your name and address and you’ll receive your special surprise.

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